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Surprise Benefits of Massage

Surprise Benefits of Massage


is phrase often groaned by someone who is experiencing neck tension or back pain.  It’s frequently accompanied by some form of stretching and cracking sounds.  But massage is not just for the back-popping groaner.

Massage is for EVERYONE!

Yes, tension and pain relief are wonderful reasons to get a massage, but they only scratch the surface of benefits massage provides.

Beauty Boost

The deep pressure of a massage increases blood circulation which plumps up sagging, loose skin.  Plump skin means reduced appearance of lines, bumps, and wrinkles.

Massage also helps to give skin a youthful, glowing appearance by removing dead skin cells, hydrating skin, and draining toxins so healthy nutrients can enter.

Beauty sleep anyone?  Massage recipients have reported improved shut-eye, a noted factor in improving skin appearance and promoting overall health and wellness.

Perk up your profile with a an organic facial massage.

Prevent the Pounding

Research in massage therapy has found promising results for reducing pain associated with tension headaches and chronic migraines.  Massage hasn’t just been known to treat headaches, it can actually prevent them.

Ask your massage therapist about what you can do in between massages to relieve and prevent pain specific to your body’s needs.

Keep the Doctor Away

When you are stressed, your immune system is stressed.  Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which helps filter out your body’s toxins.

Recent studies have even shown that massage can increase the activity level of disease-fighting cells, building up your body’s defense against infection and illness.

Keep Calm and Massage On 

As humans, our sense of touch is very powerful. It can make us feel safe, secure, and loved.  Massage has the ability to connect you mind and body and sometimes awaken bottled-up emotions to allow for release and healing.

Aiding the healing touch of massage is the serene environment of a spa setting.  Low lighting, soft music, aroma therapy are all part of the rejuvenating experience.

Participants of studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute have reported decreased depression and anger, increased brain functioning, and lowered anxiety levels as a result of massage.

Start Now

Don’t wait until you’re groaning, “I need a massage.”

You deserve all the benefits massage has to offer, all of the time.  Make it a part of your health and wellness regimen and treat your mind, body, and spirit to the magic of massage.


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