About Halcyon Spa, Salon and B & B

About Halcyon Spa, Salon and B & B

Halcyon Spa

Ready for a relaxing therapeutic massage, rejuvenating facial, or refreshing body wrap? Nurture yourself at Halcyon Spa in historic downtown Augusta, Missouri. Housed in a rustic 100 year-old mill in small town America, you’ll ‘drift away to calm’ amid soft lighting, gentle music and the personal touch of our licensed massage therapists. Whether you are a cyclist from the Katy Trail, experiencing Augusta for the first time, a friend or neighbor, Halcyon – the power of peace and calm welcomes you with a variety of revitalizing services.

What Does Halcyon Mean?

(Hal-see yan) A time of peace and tranquility charming winds and waves into calmness, Halcyon is Greek for a kingsfisher bird, compounded of hals (the sea) and kuo (to brood on). The ancient Sicilians believed that the kingfisher laid its eggs and incubated for fourteen days, before the winter solstice, on the surance of the sea, during which time the waves of sea were always unruffled.

The Halcyon Team

The Halcyon Spa team is passionate about providing excellent quality services to you. We provide a variety of services, from a combined wealth of knowledge and experience. Halcyon Spa was founded in 2001 in the home of, the owner, Kathy Kessler. Her desire to bring health and wellness to her hometown community and make massage accessible before it was mainstream, is the foundation of Halcyon. The team has grown over the years, with staff having longevity at Halcyon and in the industry. We offer services focused on health and wellness, natural beauty, relaxation, hair care, and yoga. We look forward to serving you with your relaxation, pain management, and beauty needs.