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Gifts from the Vineyard

Gifts from the Vineyard

With health studies continuously giving us new reasons to avoid our favorite foods, it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear when benefits of a food are discovered.  In recent years, no such benefits have created more of a buzz than those reportedly found in red wine.

Unfortunately, when this news was traveling the grapevine and red wine was growing in popularity, there was a behind-the-scenes contributor who was overlooked.

The grape!

The Vine of Youth

Like it’s berry relatives (acai berry, blueberry, cranberry), the grape contains flavonoids which give the fruit it’s vibrant color.  These flavonoids have anti-oxidizing powers which can reduce the damage of free-radicals, therefore delaying the aging process.

Matters of the Heart

Because of it’s anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory components, the grape is often best known for promoting the function of the cardiovascular system.  Some researchers even credit these components of the grape, through red wine consumption, for explaining the French Paradox theory (despite a diet high in saturated fats, the French have fewer instances of coronary heart disease).

The Ins and Outs

While the skin and flesh of the grape contain many nutrients, the seed is where the highest concentration of nutrients is housed.  From the seed we get grape-seed oil and extract which can be taken internally or used in luxurious hair and skin treatments.  Used externally, grape seed oil and extract uses those same anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory powers to decrease puffiness and acne, provide hydration, and even delay signs of aging.

When choosing grapes to eat, keep in mind a darker color means more antioxidants.  And because the skin of the grape is so exposed during the growing process, opting for certified organic grapes can decrease your exposure to and consumption of chemicals.

Whether it be by the bunch, by the glass, or a grape seed oil massage or skin care treatment, enjoy grapes in any form and you’re sure to get better with age.


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