Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea has been known as a ceremonial Japanese tea.  It’s a whole new world of green tea. The tender shade-grown leaves are stone-ground into a fine powder. Most tea is steeped, but U-MATCHA is blended with water and then it’s ready to drink. Just like all of the other teas we offer at the spa it’s rich in nutrients and flavor, with the added benefit of digesting the green tea leaves in their ground form. The flavors of U-MATCHA are referred to as umami, which means yummy in Japanese. This sweet, bright tea is great for welcoming the Winter time. Halcyon sells three types of U-MATCHA tea, natural, chai, chia seeds.

We also have four flavors of Super Green Tea, which contain Japanese Matcha, green tea, and herbs in the tea bags which are steeped. These come in four flavors: Immunity with echinacea and elderflower, Lean Green with cinnamon and garcinia cambogia,  Brain Boost with ginko biloba and black currant, and Serenity with lavender and holy basil.  All four of these teas are USDA organic certified.  All tea is buy 3, get 1 free for the holiday, through the end of Dec. 2017.